So It’s Your First Time Walking in High Heels

Tips For Walking in High Heels

high heelsShoes always bring great joy to women and there is no other pair but high heels that makes women swoon with delight. That said, it is established that at one point or another, a woman has to (and will want to) wear pairs of shoes like these. If you have never worn heels before, you have to put a little bit of effort into learning how to walk in heels.

First off, once you have bought your high heeled shoes, practice standing in them. Wear them and stand in front of a full length mirror. Turn around and look at your posture and profile in heels. From here, you will accustom yourself to the height you get from your heels. When you feel ready, take a few steps. It is best to do this on a hard floor. Walk keeping your legs straight and keeping them close together. Make sure that you point your feet straight ahead with each step. Again, start slow and be conscientious of your steps. Practice walking in heels by walking back and forth. Walk across the room, turn around, walk backwards, walk sideways, etc.

When you find your center walking on hard floors in high heels, try walking on different floor surfaces like a low carpeted floor. When you enhance your abilities with walking in heels, you can move up a height. If you first started with two inch heeled shoes, you can go to three inches. With a little more height, you still have to keep practicing. You have to practice on different floor surfaces and you have to practice on staircases too. Remember that you have to plant your heel and sole on each step of the staircase. Once you get more comfortable with heels, you can practice slow dancing. Start with side stepping and move on to turning. Keep practicing different things while wearing you heels and you will be a pro before you know it.

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