Solar Power For Your Home

Cheaper and More Earth Friendly

Solar-PowerWe all hear of research and studies being conducted for find new energy sources. However, all these energy sources are considered by many as too expensive. Very few people are buying into the idea of alternative energy sources because most people are busy talking about how expensive they are. Alternative energy sources can become more affordable if more people started using alternative energy which is cleaner than conventional energy sources.

So far, the most successful alternative energy source is solar power. In the recent years, more effort has been focused towards mainstreaming the idea of solar power. For example, some buildings in the U.S have been designed to totally use solar power. However, many people are not convinced to make the switch as they do not consider solar power as a viable source of energy.

How do solar panels work? is the most frequently asked question when it comes to solar power for homes. Solar panels are simply layered photovoltaic cells that convert the light from the sun into electricity or heat that can be used at home. Solar panels are placed strategically in places that receive direct sunlight during the day. During the day, solar panels generate electrical energy some of which is stored in batteries and the rest used to run electrical appliances at home. During the night, the energy stored in batteries is used to power electronics and light bulbs. If good quality batteries are used together with a well configured solar panel, the solar power system can substitute main electricity especially if it is in the tropics.

The concept of solar energy is slowly becoming a mainstream concept but its growth can increase exponentially if more people bought into the idea. The switching over from conventional energy sources to alternative energies like solar power will ease the planet of all the pollution caused by nuclear, coal and gas power stations.

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