Spouse Cheating? Watch For These Signs

Is Your Spouse Cheating On You?

cheating spouseCan’t stop thinking your spouse is cheating on you? The signs posted below are the typical behaviors you can expect from a cheating spouse. When monitoring your spouse’s actions, don’t get carried away and immediately accuse them of cheating on you because you saw one or two signs of a cheating spouse mentioned here. First, you will need proof that can never be denied, if you don’t have any solid evidence you will just be playing “he said she said” with your spouse and nothing will change except the fact that they will be more careful the next time they cheat on you.

Signs Of  A Cheating Spouse

  1. Possibly the most common sign you will observe from cheaters is that they will always rush to the bathroom when they get home on the night that they cheated. This is because they are paranoid and want to inspect their clothing and themselves for any traces of infidelity, such as marks on their clothing, or scents that rubbed off on them.
  2. A cheater will always increase the amount of money they spend. The increase in spending will usually be because of : spending more money on gas, buying gifts for their new partners, or buying themselves new clothing, or accessories that will boost their confidence.
  3. Cheating spouses focus on their appearance more than they used to. They will take diets, join gyms or drastically change the way they dress. If you find new clothing, specifically sexy lingerie from your wife, but you’ve never actually seen them wear it infront of you, you may have a cheating spouse.
  4. A spouse that can never explain where they’ve been is a sign of cheating. If they tell you they’re “out”, but can never be specific, you know it’s an obvious lie. A good way to make sure you know if they are following their daily routine (home then work then back home) is by taking daily records of your car’s mileage.
  5. Catch your spouse packing? Inspect the clothing they’ve packed. It’s a tell tale sign that women cheat when they pack sexy lingerie but are supposedly heading to their parents house, or business trips. For men, check if they packed any sort of contraceptives.

More signs of a cheating spouse are available on the website linked above.

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