Streaming Media To Your Phone

Do You Have a Smartphone?

smartphonesIf you are one of the lucky ones who has an iPhone or one of the new Android smartphones, or whatever else Microsoft may be offering in the smartphone arena, you may have some really cool apps that will give you your audio or mp3 fix. In the case of the apps that are available, one that comes to mind is Pandora. I’ll first describe the system and what it is, then give you a few other sites or apps that do something similar.

Pandora is a site that allows you to input a song or artist, then based on that input, the site will recommend other songs that are similar in quality and timbre. Pandora uses a project called the music genome project that is a catalog or database of songs and their characteristics. It will categorize the type of song, the genre, the beat, the vocal qualities or characteristics, the musicality, and several other components of the songs.

When Pandora references this based on the songs you’ve said you like, it will look at the database and pull other songs from that same list of characteristics and play those for you. Each song played has an option to “like” or “dislike” and future song selections will be based on these choices.

This site may not be perfect, but it does a good job of mixing up your playlist and introducing you to some new tunes. It’s a lot easier as well than some of the old school mp3 indir sites.

There’s no guarantee that you can get your tunes anywhere, especially underwater without a waterproof mp3 device. But having a smartphone with a cool app and internet access will get you some tunes for portable listening and even for connecting in your car that you can’t really get anywhere else. I’m a fan of these types of sites, that not only includes Pandora, but also includes Grooveshark and

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