Stretch IRAs Can Benefit Multiple Generations

If you are looking for a good way to pass money onto your spouse and or your future generations, you can do so by enrolling in what is known as Stretch IRA. These are great IRAs to help save for not only the future but the welfare of a spouse and future generations such as your children or even grandchildren. This type of IRA will make sure that after you are gone, there are continued payments being transferred to your account in the name of those you have stated to be your benefactors. There are things you should know first about these Stretch IRAs or a Spousal IRA as some are called.

You need to make sure that your banking institute allows for these types if IRAs. If they don’t, then it is important that you find a bank that does. Then you can have the IRA transferred to that new bank. In order for this to work properly you will also need to make sure that you understand the rollover rules.

In case of your death, you need to make sure that your spouse will be able to transfer the IRA into his or her name. The only way this is done is if their name is on the IRA originally. So make sure that you read all of the rules and make sure that you pick the right one, so that your surviving spouse does not have to go through any hardships in trying to transfer things into their name.

After your spouse has inherited the IRA it is then their right, with this kind of IRA to rename the benefactors. This of course is usually the children and or their grandchildren. The children then can take out withdrawals during their lives once both of their parents have died.

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