Table Tennis Conversion Top – Is It For You?

Play in Your Own Home With a Table Tennis Conversion Top

tabel tennisNow that you have the game room that you have always wanted and the pool table you have been meaning to get for a couple of years now, you suddenly find yourself wanting to play ping pong with your friends. Although you can afford it, the trouble really begins when you don’t have any more space to put it on. Sure you can tear down a wall to create more room, but this really is quite an extreme solution.

The good news though, is there is actually a way for you get what you want. A product called  table tennis conversion top is now available on the market. It is a method that enables you to transform your billiards to a ping pong table with very little amount of work on your part. You just have to mount it when you need it, and easily remove it when you want to play pool again. Several designs of this product have come out, the most popular of which is still Stiga Brand.

If you are looking for something basic, then you should look no further than the Stiga duo. This product will fit most pool tables that are around seven to eight feet in length. It comes in pieces and can be easily stored anywhere. The Stiga Duo will only cost you forty dollars, but if you are willing to pay a little extra then you can get the whole package. By buying the set, you will be purchasing everything that you need to start playing, which are the paddles, the net and the ping pong balls.

But if you care about the design, and want something that can match the sophistication of the game room you have created in your house, then you might want to consider the Stiga Fusion. This product is known for its sleek black color and the 3/4″ glossy black rails that supports it while mounted to your pool table. It also secures the mint condition of your billiards and itself by utilizing sponge rubber strips  so no scratches can occur.

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