Tesco Car Insurance – Value Added Insurance

What Makes Tesco A Great Choice For Car Insurance?

Tesco-Car-InsuranceTesco Car Insurance is a leading name in providing exceptionally cheap value added benefits along with your car cover. It is the leading car insurance company in the UK and has a clientele of over 1.3 million satisfied customers. What makes Tesco car cover special and popular is the service that it provides its valued customers at a very nominal fee. In addition, Tesco is known to offer online customers with special deals, which makes insuring with Tesco Car Insurance a pleasant experience.

The insurance cover offered by Tesco Car Insurance can be broadly divided into three categories:

Third Party Cover – This is the cheapest car cover offered by Tesco. Under this policy you only get third party cover.
Third Party with Fire and Theft Cover – This policy provides third party cover along with providing cover for your car in case of a fire mishap or theft.
Comprehensive Car Cover – This policy provides cover for all possible eventualities.

The company values its customers and offers them many benefits, such as:

Loyalty Bonus – A special discount is offered to customers who already have other cars in the family insured with Tesco Car Insurance. The client gets a special discount on every car within the family that is insured with Tesco.
Courtesy Car – A unique offer where the client can get a car from the company for the period during which the insured car is being repaired after a claim.
European Cover – With this cover all customers are insured for driving in Europe for a period up to 90 days.
Named Driver Discount – If you have a personal insurance policy with Tesco, you get a 50% discount on your car insurance.

Tesco is fast making a greater name for itself in the Tesco Car Insurance arena. Satisfied customers are proud to say that insuring with Tesco is one of the best deals any car owner can find.

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