Tesco Temporary Car Insurance Policy

Temporary Car Insurance Can Save You a Fortune

Temporary Car InsuranceSuntan lotion?  Check.  Suitcases?  Check.  Airline tickets?  Check.  Traveler’s checks?  Check.  Temporary car insurance policy?  What’s that? If you don’t know, you need to!

It may not sound like a terribly important part of your vacation travel planning, and it’s certainly less fun than dreaming of time on the beach or sightseeing, but arranging a temporary car insurance policy to cover your driving activities while you’re away is an extremely important consideration.

If you happen to forget, and are later involved in an accident while driving a rental or loaner vehicle, you could rapidly come to regret your lack of planning and foresight, as the expenses associated with damages, liability, and medical expenses arising from an automobile accident are astronomical.  More than one bankruptcy has resulted from such an event, unfortunately.

It’s not always a simple process to determine whether or not you need to make special short term car insurance arrangements.  We’ll cover a couple of scenarios to help you decide whether you need to get a Tesco car insurance quote for temporary driving coverage.

If you drive regularly, and currently have one or more vehicles insured with your car insurance carrier, you most likely also have short term car insurance as well.  Most long-term insurance policies contain provisions to cover you (for liability, legal expenses, and medical expenses) in case you’re involved in an accident while driving a rented or borrowed vehicle.  In order to be sure, however, you need to check your policy’s fine print, or call your car insurance company to ask.

If you’re not a regular driver, and you don’t currently have a long-term car insurance policy active, you most definitely need to institute a temporary car insurance policy to cover your short-term driving needs.  Temporary car insurance policies may be commissioned by the day, by the month, or even up to one year.

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