The Benefits of Using a Pillow Top Mattress

A Pillow Top Mattress Gives You a Great Nights Sleep

Pillow Top MattressIf you have been shopping for a new bed you probably have seen the new foam mattress. This item is designed to help support areas of the body that need it the most. A variation on the entire mattress being constructed out of this material can be seen in the Pillow Top Mattress design. In many instances this style uses the same foam as a thinner top layer that is quilted with a fabric covering to create a softer feel.

Some manufacturers will place this thinner layer over a thicker layer of foam in creating their support mattresses. The simmons pillowtop mattress comes in a style that uses this double layering effect in the design. The advantage to sleeping on this type of product is the better alignment of the spine and neck. Often when sleeping on a traditional coil spring style the springs will not provide adequate support for the heavier areas of the shoulders and hips. This leads to lower back and neck pain because the spine is not aligned properly.

The new contouring styles adjust automatically for the different weights of the body so a person is always fully supported during sleep. There are some companies that place quilted top layers on traditional coil mattresses. The serta pillowtop mattress is one of these combination designs that offers the flexibility of the inner springs and the comfort and support of the contouring foam. Some variations will use a thick padding of fiberfill to create an extra layer of cushion between the top and bottom sections of the mattress.

These products also come in different densities so you can find one that feels best for the way you like to sleep. You can also find some inflatable mattresses with the added cushioning pillow effect on top you can use for camping or vacationing outdoors.

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