The Best Natural Constipation Relief

Sigh Your Way Out of the Bathroom

Constipation ReliefCurrently, about 20 percent of Americans, or one in five Americans, suffers from constipation. Constipation is a bowl discomfort, in which a person may find it difficult to pass stool. Constipation has many symptoms ranging from difficulty in passing stool, to bloating and abdominal cramps.

There are many constipation remedies floating around out there, but many of those remedies often come in the form of laxatives, which are incredibly harsh on your bowl and colon. This is why I suggest that you turn to natural constipation remedies instead. There are many home remedies that are quick and effective, and that will not tear up your stomach like many harsh laxatives.

One of these home constipation remedies is prune juice. Yes, prune juice is disgusting but it does get the job done. For the best effect in dealing with constipation, drink a tall glass of prune juice, followed by a tall glass of warm water. The warm water will enable to prune juice to flow through your system faster, thus enabling the juice to become effective much sooner.

When buying prune juice, you need to make sure that you pay attention to the ingredients listed on the bottle. It is highly important that you make sure that there is very little sugar within the juice and little to no preservatives in the juice as well. Preservatives and sugar will only serve to bind your stool further, making it even harder to pass. Go for organic prune juice seeing as this is completely natural, has no preservatives, and only contains the natural levels of sugar that are found within the prunes. The only constraint with buying organic prune juice however is the cost.

Many organic foods are much more expensive than their preservative filled counterparts. Therefore, is price is an object, I would suggest that you go with Sunsweet Prune Juice. There is no added sugar, and no preservatives. It is not organic, but it still gets the job done.

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