The Best Time To Plant Strawberries

Planting Strawberries

strawberryStrawberry plants can grow well in your garden. Growing great strawberries does not require you to be an expert gardener. Even young children can help in this task at home. New gardeners have similar questions about the hobby. They’d want to know the conditions for the cultivation of this plant. Many also ask when the best time to plant strawberries is. Here are some things you need to know regarding when to plant strawberries.

The best time to plant strawberries depends on the climate in your area. Most varieties of strawberries are grown in cold climates. However, there are some varieties that can be grown in tropical climates.

For countries with lower temperatures, the best time to plant strawberries is in the spring. The first year usually does not give you many cultures. What you can do is to pinch the flowers in the first year, and in the next strawberry season, this will give you plenty of fruit. Another option for you is to plant strawberries in late summer. By next spring, you will be able to enjoy these.

For people living in the tropics, the best time to plant strawberries is in the fall. With proper care, the fruit should be ripe and ready for use next spring.

Determine the type of strawberry plants you have. There are three common varieties of strawberries, and each has a recommended time for planting. For example, strawberry, which may be collected in over several weeks, can be grown before, during or after the summer (which is the strawberry season). However, this type of strawberry planting is done mainly by commercial producers of strawberries.

Even if you are not yet ready for planting these, you should start to prepare a bed of strawberries. If possible, prepare a bed of strawberries in the fall. Thus, when plants begin to sell in spring, you’d be ready to plant in your garden. The best part of your garden where you can plant strawberries is the part that gets lots of sun during the day. Have about a foot of soil, and mix it with compost. In addition, measures should be taken to protect the soil, and keep it free from weeds.  Remember also to use mulch. The same applies to growing asparagus.

Strawberries are great when mixed with spices and desserts. If you do take care prompt and proper care of plants, strawberries will bear many fruits which you can either sell or share with friends in the next season.

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