The Blue Pearl Pool Cleaner

The Blue Pearl Pool Cleaner Review

pearl blue poole cleanerLike all robotic cleaners, the Blue Pearl robotic pool cleaner does not require installation on your existing pump and filter system. It operates completely independently and will not add to the wear and tear of your existing systems. All you need to do is switch on the unit by plugging the transformer it into a regular household electricity outlet and place the unit into the pool. You can see that this process offers a far more automated approach to pool cleaning than the more traditionally used suction side and pressure side cleaners. You won’t have to worry about dealing with cumbersome hoses or worry that your pool filter is being overused.

The reason why robotic pool cleaners are still less commonly seen in residential pools is due to the fact that they are typically more expensive than the alternative type of cleaners. But recent technological advances and new innovations have meant that and the difference in price is starting to shrink. The Blue Pearl, alongside the Nitro pool cleaner, are two of the most affordable robotic cleaners on the market for in-ground pools. You should be able to find them available online for less than $700.

We particularly like the Blue Pearl’s intelligent navigation system. Rather than cleaning the pool in straight lines, it senses the walls and other obstacles and moves in a curved sweeping motion. The result is a highly efficient clean and very comprehensive coverage. The unit is designed with special cleaning brushes (PVA brushes) that offer a high degree of traction for climbing walls and steps. The unit will climb right up to the water line cleaning as it goes. If the unit falls out of the water, specially placed air sensors will ensure that it shuts off on its own.

The Blue Pearl robot has coverage of around 3000 square feet per hour and sucks 4,200 gallons of water houly. It is sold with an extra large filter bag that is easily emptied. It’s superfine mesh ensures that not only large debris particles are vacuumed away but that superfine debris is also handled.  The only downside is that the cleaner is not energy star rated stop so if environmental responsibility is at the top of your list, you may find more energy efficient cleaners on the market.

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