The “Buzzworthy” Nintendo 3DS

Are You Going to Get The Nintendo 3DS?

nintendo 3dsThe news about Nintendo’s new and innovative portable gaming console has spread quickly. Because of this many gamers are getting curious about what this so called innovation is. Nintendo has created a portable gaming device that they say would revolutionize the way gamers play their favorite games. This would allow better graphics for your gaming console. What is it? It is Nintendo 3DS, a portable gaming console that offers better graphics with the help of a 3D view without the need to wear bulky and irritating glasses.

The Nintendo 3DS is a lightweight, sleeker and shinier version of the Nintendo 3DS. It is available in colors of black and aqua blue. It has 3 cameras; two of which are located in the exterior. This allows you to take pictures that have a 3d effect. It has an analog stick similar to that of Sony and an accelerometer that helps with providing consumers better gaming experience. It has two screens: the top one allows consumers to view games in 3d while the bottom one is still a touch screen for better manipulation of games. It has a 3D slider that allows the consumer to adjust the amount of 3D he would want the screen to look like. It also allows switching between 3D and 2D.

The Nintendo 3Ds has a backward function. This means that you could play your favorite games from older versions of the portable gaming console like Nintendo 3DS. Another good reason why you would love having a Nintendo 3DS is the number of games that are included in the 3DS games list. There is a mix of different genres of games that would cause you headache when picking the right game for you. Aside from games, there are Nintendo 3DS Accessories that are also soon to be available. There are case protectors and screen protectors that would help prevent scratches for your 3DS. There are also extra styluses for those that lost their original styluses. There are also ear buds or headsets available in order for you to have a personal game time.

The Nintendo 3DS is surely a life changing portable gaming system that will help you enjoy your gaming and relax. The only thing to do now is to go and buy a Nintendo 3DS for yourself.

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