The Coach Amanda Capacity Wristlet Purse

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coach amandaA few weeks ago I went to a concert.  While I was there all I could think about was the the splendid, high fashion handbags some of the ladies were carrying.  One specific handbag that definitely caught my eye (even after several weeks have passed by after the concert) is by Coach Fashion Designer.  The name of the handbag/purse is titled “Coach Amanda Capacity Wristlet Purse Majenta 42032.

While at the concert I didn’t actually ask the lady who had this purse any questions about the bag itself however, I definitely knew that the handbag was a Coach, so when I got home in the evening, I had looked it up on line.  Yes, indeed I was right!  It was an Amanda Wristlet purse.  I could honestly say, I love this small compact, authentic designer handbag.  It’s tiny enough to carry a woman’s main essentials; after all if you’re like me, all I leave the house with is keys, license, and a credit card. The only factor about the particular Amanda purse by Coach is that there are a number of Amanda purses to choose from.  Sometimes that could be a good thing or sometimes it could be a bad thing simply because there are simply too many choices.  It depends upon how you happen to see it.

Since I favor pink color purses I had chosen the Amanda purse in Majenta, it isn’t a real light pink but a darker one.  Other great features that I love about this leather handbag by Coach are the fact that it has a zip-top closure, a satin material along with a metallic leather trim, it has a fabric lining and an inside slip pocket.  I definitely chose this Coach Amanda Majenta purse by Coach over any other wristlet purses (by other fashion designers) because of the Coach Creed and serial number inside the purse itself.  This Amanda Purse comes with a 100 percent satisfaction-back guarantee; a one- year limited warranty along with the Authenticity guarantee.  There simply is no way around it, what other upscale high fashion designer would do that?  I could safely say not many.  All my thoughts are well they truly believe in their product and so do I.

In closing, now all I need to worry about is not to let my daughter this terrific, beautiful purse because then she’ll want it or borrow mine all the time, in which if that happens then I may as well buy one for her.

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