The Features of Winchester Gun Safes

Winchester Gun Safes

Winchester Gun SafeWinchester has existed as a big firearms industry for almost 150 years. They were able to create some of the very legendary ammunition and firearms in the country. The matchless experience makes them the great company to sell the security containers and protect the firearms.  The Winchester gun safes are created by Granite Security, a skilled manufacturer offering great products for a good price.

The size of their production and sales comes from their conventional full-sized gun safe; but, they also produce the pistol storage products called Evault. We won’t be discussing much on Evault, but I can assure that they’re of excellent value like their big brothers. Gun safes made by Winchester are manufactured to overcome fire damage. The Supreme is their most esteemed model and this has been tested to survive up to a couple hours of 1400 degree temperature. Truly, this is a big accomplishment, considering that this is a 54-gun size.  The Ranger, their smallest and cheapest model about $850 also offers an incredible fire protection of 45 minutes.

Aside from the outstanding fireproofing feature, the Winchester gun safes also are incredible in security. Storing your valuable in the Winchester will ensure you that they are well protected. As previously mentioned, the Supreme model boasts of 20 robust steel locking bolts on its heavy door perimeter, it also has 11-gauge steel walls and it comes with a lock guarded with a hard plate that’s drill bit-killing, and over a million combinations. Almost all Winchester gun safes are listed in the UL RSC; this means that they’ve been tested to endure five minute beating of the expert crackers. You’ll be fine unless you have professional burglars in the neighborhood armed with cutting torches.

There are gun cabinets for sale which are built with more robust materials and have more whistles and bells than the Winchester gun safes, but it is hard to look for a model offering something that’s near the quality they offer for their price. When you include their lifetime warranty included that protects you against theft safe damage and fire for as long as you are the owner, you’ll immediately realize that this is indeed a product that’s built to protect.

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