The Finest Brazilian Teak Floors

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Brazilian-Teak-FloorsBrazilian teak is considered to be one of the best types of building materials available. It can be used for furniture, wooden sculptures as well as balconies and doors. Another common use of Brazilian teak, but which requires a lot of expertise in order to pull of properly is as wood plank flooring.

Brazilian teak flooring can look quite beautiful when properly finished and installed as wood plank flooring. It is not as immediately striking as something like tigerwood, but it has a silent, demure quality that actually makes it look more refined and dignified. This is especially true when the proper finish and tone is applied to the floor.

Wood plank flooring is a type of building flooring solution that has been in use since the Middle-Ages. Traditionally, the wooden planks used in wood plank flooring installations were laid on top of a supportive floor joist and then secured in place either by wood glue or by simply bolting or nailing the floors to the support structure. More recent installations use a stronger type of adhesive as well as an interlayer of insulating material between the supportive joists and the wooden planks.

Wood plank flooring is virtually maintenance-free and only requires occasional dusting and sweeping in order to keep the dust from permanently settling on the floor and decaying onto it. Brazilian teak flooring has some properties that actually make it more resistant to moisture than other types of hardwood. Of course, this is not a guarantee that the wood will be waterproof. This is why a water-resistant finish is still recommended.

One of the main problems of Brazilian teak flooring is not in the materials but in the lack of expertise of many contractors when dealing with the material. This will often result in the shoddy performance of the Brazilian teak floor. In order to prevent this, it would be best to ensure that you transact with a reputable contractor.

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