The History Of Yahoo

How It All Started

YahooThe multibillion-dollar company Yahoo was founded in February 1994 by David Filo and Jerry Yang, two electrical engineering Ph.D. candidates at Stanford University. The history of Yahoo spans from its start as a student hobby to its current position as a global brand for communication, purchasing, and information.

This worldwide company now boasts 13,600 employees and has grown through aggressive marketing and the use of services such as email marketing software.

The two founders initially created a guide to track their favorite online interests. As the list grew, the items were categorized and then subcategorized, creating the core concept of the company. Initially, it found a home on the workstation of Mr. Yang, while Mr. Filo kept the software. In short order, hundreds of Web users were accessing the guide.

During fall 1994, the company had its first day of one million hits, which translated to nearly 100 thousand unique site visitors. The business was incorporated in March 1995 and a nearly $2 million investment by Sequoia Capital was made in April 1995. The two founders recognized the huge potential for growth and began forming a management team. Fall 1995 saw a second stream of funding, this time from Softbank and Reuters Ltd.

In April 1996, when it had just 49 employees, Yahoo held an IPO, which was extremely successful. On January 3, 2000, shares closed at a record high of $118.75. During the same year, the company began using Google for its search results, implementing its own searching technology in 2004. Microsoft placed a $44.6 billion unsolicited bid to acquire the company in February 2008, which was rejected.

The history of Yahoo cements the company as the first online Web navigational guide. It has a great design that fits well for when they have designed email marketing templates for their marketing services. It is the number one global Internet brand, reaching the largest worldwide audience. Services are provided to over 345 million people worldwide monthly. It is the leading guide in the areas of advertising, traffic, and business and household user reach.

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