The Importance of DJ Business Cards

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DJ Business CardsIf you’re a disc jockey, how good you are at self promotion can spell your success or failure. Networking is of the greatest importance, especially if you’re just starting out. Whether you’re aiming to work at parties or events or to land pro club gigs, your most useful promotion tool, other than your actual work, is your set of DJ business cards.

Your DJ business cards should be eye-catching, but not too loud that they’re tacky. Your cards can be bright and colorful, implying that you’re great at parties, and still maintain good taste, showing that you have class. Make them attractive and use a clever logo that makes it obvious what business you are in, like DJ headphones or a turntable. They should look cool, but professional. A poorly conceptualized business card can turn off potential customers, so put some real thought into its design.

DJ business cards should contain all your pertinent information. Make sure that all your contact details are easily legible. Your business cards should have your name (include your DJ moniker if you have one), your business phone number (don’t forget your area code), your mobile phone number, your email address and the URL of your website. With a website, even just a Facebook or MySpace page, you can showcase pictures of yourself with your DJ headphones on while mixing some tracks, some audio and video clips of past gigs (demo clips if you’re really just starting out), a list of music you have available for events, etc.

Print as many copies as you can and do not be sparing about handing them out. They are meant to be given away. You never know who may bring you business, so do not discriminate. You may have to mind your timing, but the more people there are who have your DJ business cards, the higher the chance of you getting a gig.

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