The iPad 2 and The iPad Smart Cover

iPad 2

ipad 2 black and whiteI bought my very own iPad on October last year. When I heard the big news from Apple that they are going to release a new generation of iPad this March, it lighted a fire inside my heart. I am a die-hard fan of Apple products, especially for the iPad. Although I already have my own tablet, I am craving for more and I definitely would love to buy the all new iPad 2. It might seem quite impulsive but I badly want this new gadget from Apple.

As I searched the web for the new look of iPad 2, I discovered that it comes with a cool new cover which they call the iPad Smart Cover. They say that the iPad 2 and this new cover are definitely made for each other. And this is really true. I’ve seen the cover from pictures off the net and it is indeed one great accessory for the iPad 2. It is designed to work side by side with the gadget. This accessory is not your ordinary cover since it uses the smart magnetic technology that pulls both the tablet and the cover together. It is indeed a perfect fit for the gadget.

The iPad Smart Cover is a great accessory and protection for the gadget. It saves your iPad 2 from scratches and minor abrasions. It definitely gives the best protection for this awesome tablet. It is not bulky like other covers you can find in the market. It still makes the gadget look thin and light. When you open the cover, the iPad 2 automatically switches on. On the other hand, when the cover is closed, the tablet switches to sleep mode.

The next best thing about the iPad Smart Cover is the other purpose it serves. It can also be a perfect stand whenever you want. You can use this cover as a stand while you surf the web, use the FaceTime app or watch movies. You don’t have to hold the tablet for the entire time with the iPad Smart Cover. You can choose from 10 bright and lovely colors. I will be buying the pink cover since it matches my taste and style.

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