The Many Patterns of Brick Pavers

Brick Patterns

brick paversOne of the great joys of brick pavers and other paving stone solutions is the wide variety of patterns that can be laid with the material. This quality is one of the many that distinguishes interlocking brick pavers from their slab (concrete and asphalt) cousins. This article will give you a brief run down of the major kinds of pavers patterns that you can choose and lay when you install your next paving project. Certain patterns will have aesthetic and financial advantages and disadvantages, and you may be surprised at how something as seemingly innocuous as a pattern can affect the overall bottom line.

The simplest patterns, such as the running bond, are good if you want to have your paver project blend in the background. This is because it is a simple, not “busy,” pattern that won’t draw the eye to it. These patterns are also good if you want to save money, as they will not require many cuts to get right. With more cuts of the brick comes more material and more labor time, increasing the overall price of the paving stone project.

Of course, if complexity is your taste, there are plenty of complicated patterns you can pick from. For instance, any pattern that is oriented at a 45 degree angle to the lines of the installation and home will be ‘busier’ and draw the eye more than the simpler patterns. If you want your paver project to be the center of attention, go with a more complex pattern. You should realize, however, that the ultimate cost of the project will increase. This is because complex patterns usually require more saw cuts. This mean’s you’ll have to pay for more material to accoutn for waste. The contractor will also be on the job for a longer period of time, increasing the labor costs.

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