The Miele S5 Ecoline Green: A Superior Vacuum Cleaner

Possibly the Best Vacuum Cleaner in the World

vacuum cleaner has been creating high-quality cleaning machines for many generations. Even now they have a vacuum cleaner that supercedes all others. It is the Miele S5 Ecoline green.

The Miele S5 Ecoline green is so powerful it won the acclaim of Stiftung Warentest, a German-based consumer organization. The jurors within the organization were impressed with the Ecoline Green’s suctioning power. They also appreciated its easy handling, a characteristic that is very important among vacuum cleaners. Remember, good suction means nothing if the vacuum is heavy or awkward to push.

Approximately 1,300 watts are needed to run the Miele S5 Ecoline green. This is not that much, but when used in the Ecoline, the vacuum becomes a magnet for dirt. In fact, it cleans better than vacuums that contain double or even triple its wattage, such as the Siemens VS06G2410 for instance.

The bags used within the Ecoline are another interesting feature. Their design is unlike any other dustbag. They contain a special multi-ply material that cannot easily tear. There is also an outer layer of netting that provides even more protection against leakage. In fact, it is this outer layer that makes Ecoline’s dustbag more effective. In comparison to others on the market, it lasts significantly longer… 25 percent longer, in fact. This means you will not have to buy as many bags over the life of your vacuum cleaner. In turn, you will end up saving hundreds of dollars, as just one bag can last months at a time.

Finally, with a Miele S5 Ecoline green, users can select different filters to better suit their cleaning needs. For example, if they need to vacuum pet hair, they might want to get the Super AirClean variety, its special charcoal filter disintegrates unpleasant odors. Meanwhile, HEPA filters work well for those who are suffering with allergies. Their unique design makes them more efficient at capturing spores and other air-borne bacteria or substances.

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