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off as the last refuge of fashion victims is not being entirely fair to the simple, odd-looking boot that has become popular amongst American teenagers and young ladies ever since the late 90’s when a few female celebrities sported them on the pages of magazines. Marketing companies set a craze by promoting these images and now you see these boots everywhere but is it just because they make a statement that people wear them?

Undoubtedly there is the “look” about them that says you’re different. But this is ignoring the many comfort and practical benefits of the boots. You only have to look at their history to understand why they were popular a long time ago in Australia and New Zealand. Back at the beginning of the last century sheep farmers used to wear these boots because they were cheap, practical and comfortable.

They were cheap because obviously the leather and the wool, that make up most of the ugg boot, were in plentiful supply all around. They were comfortable because the leather used in the boot is very soft and pliable, causing no pinching or nipping, like harder boot leather. They were practical because they could be worn in all weathers, being waterproof, and because the fleece allows air to circulate around the foot meaning that it stays warm in winter and cool in the hotter temperatures of summer. This made them ideal for the Australian climate which can fluctuate between cool mornings and baking hot days.

The designs today still retain all of the benefits that the sheep farmers experienced all those years ago and it’s worth remembering. You can find cheap uggs for sale at many specialist stores online and if you’re after something that is snug to wear, will last a long time and keep your feet warm in winter, then they may be for you.


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