The Pros and Cons of Fitted Bedroom Cupboards

Fitted Bedroom Cupboards

Fitted Bedroom CupboardsI like having a fitted bedroom, but I’ll admit that they have their own pros and cons, especially in contrast to flat-pack furniture. One of the biggest problems with buying fitted bedroom cupboards is their availability and cost. It is easy to find flat packed wardrobes and other bedroom furniture. Because you can even find and buy them online, the cost is low. But finding good fitted wardrobe suppliers is a different matter. Fitted bedroom wardrobes tend to be more expensive and less flexible, so there are fewer customers and fewer companies selling them. Most people also prefer to have them installed professionally, so they are not commonly stocked by online retailers either.

There is nothing that lets you use the limited space in your bedroom as efficiently as a fitted wardrobe. Fitted wardrobes stretch from floor to ceiling, and many will stretch from wall to wall as well. That gives you a lot of covered storage space in your bedroom, space which you can use for hanging your clothes. Even if you are not a clothes horse, even if you do not have many formal suits that need to be hung up, you have to admit that not having to fold casual clothes like T-shirts and jeans is extremely convenient.

Furthermore, the covered closets that are usually present at the top of fitted bedroom cupboards provide a convenient place to store items like spare curtains and the like. These are things that you use or change out maybe once every season, and they easily get dirty if you do not cover them up. Normal flat-pack wardrobes are usually smaller, so if you store these items in them, you use up valuable space you need for your clothes. With the top of the wardrobe covered up, you are also saved from yet another surface that accumulates dust and dirt. This is much healthier, and it saves you yet more things to clean.

Unfortunately, fitted bedroom wardrobes cannot be moved once they have been installed. If you suddenly find that you are bored with the current arrangement of furniture, there is not much you can do about it. This is one big advantage of loose pieces of furniture that you buy flat-packed.

One further disadvantage of a fitted bedroom furniture is that you usually cannot take it with you when you move. The exception is if you bought a fitted bedroom furniture DIY kit and know how to install it yourself.

A fitted bedroom is good, especially for small rooms. However, they do have their pros and cons, so you need to carefully think about whether they are right for you.

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