The Subtle Changes From Winter to Summer Bedding

Time For Some New Bedding?

summer beddingAll too often home decorators are under the impression that the complete bedroom decor must be changed with each season.  Of course, flannel sheets and pillow cases and flannel comforters or duvet covers have little use during the summer months.  However, it is not necessary to change the entire decor.  Many of us have spent hundreds of dollars and many hours decorating our bedrooms.  To make a complete change four times a year can become tedious, not to mention expensive.  Additionally, many of us really enjoy our choice in bedroom decor and would prefer not putting it away for the next nine months.  There are subtle and inexpensive ways to carry one theme or design through all the seasons.

For the purpose of this example, we have selected purple zebra print bedding as our bedding of choice.  The design is obviously purple and black stripes and on the surface not so easy a choice for making the transition from one season to another.  The first thing one must do to help create the transition from winter to summer is to look for the lightest shade of purple in the pattern.  Most patterns have shades that vary from darker to lighter in a single color.  Looking closely at the purple in the zebra pattern, it is easy to see that there is a touch of lavender in the print.  Selecting the lightest color to pick up on for summer is a start.

To make the transition, select solid color sheets in the lightest allowable shade of lavender.  Already, the room looks cooler and lighter.  To complete the transition, browse selections of summer cotton blankets, choosing the appropriate shade of lavender.  The darker print has taken on a lighter visual appeal.

When it is time to revert to the winter look, do not forget the advantages of cotton blankets.  Selecting a black one or a dark gray one to pick up on the darker zebra stripe will change the entire appearance of the bedroom from its spring look back to a warm winter appeal.  A set of solid black sheets will always work to add to the winter appeal.

Most quality cotton blankets vary in price from $20.00 to a couple of hundred dollars.  If your selection is more for eye appeal than warmth, settle on a less expensive selection.  For those who plan to use the blanket for warmth in the winter, an investment in a higher quality coverlet is a wiser choice.

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