The Top Causes of Dark Circles Under the Eyes

Dark Circles Under the Eyes

dark eyesAre you one among the many who are suffering from ghastly dark circles underneath your eyes? If so, then you already know how annoying and embarrassing they can truly be. Those dark rings can add years to your appearance, make you appear haggard and tired as well as work towards ruining your image. When you are not feeling good about yourself and your appearance, your self worth crumbles and you will find it very difficult to optimally function.

Although there is an abundance of remedies available, what most people wish to find out is what leads to the formation of such unsightly facial features. Knowing the dreaded dark circles under eyes causes can assist in learning more about such condition and provide you with more means to fight the problem.

You cannot shake away the fact that you have dark circles underneath your eyes simply because of your genes. The condition may very well run in your family! This however, does not entirely mean they cannot be remedied. It merely narrows your choices down for solutions and remedies for eliminating them.

The structure of your face may also be the reason for the dark rings under your eyes. There are individuals who have facial structures with overhanging eyebrow area and deep set eyes. Obviously, this creates a sort of shadow effect on the lower eyelids and hence, produces that dark appearance.

An early indication of dehydration is, more often than not, the appearance of dark circles and sometimes even under eye wrinkles. The trouble with dehydration is the fact that, many people do not have a clue they are already suffering from it. Because they consume high amounts of soft drinks, iced tea, coffee, they believe it already suffice, but that is not always so. These beverages contain tons of adverse substances like caffeine, sugar along with other additives and all of these drain your body of not just essential nutrients, but proper hydration as well.

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