The Top Three Depression Movies

Movies About Depression

depressWe are proud to present you the list of the top three movies about depression. Although depression is not the most well-liked subject in the movie industry, probably because people will rather watch something that takes them out of reality as opposed to something that may make them feel even more depressed with their lives, but there have been quite a few quality movies about depression throughout the last decade that merit to be mentioned as phenomenal works of art and wisdom.

Some of these movies are also very valid sources for depression quotes and wisdom which can serve as motivation for depression patients who are looking to fight depression, as they can identify with the characters in the films and the feelings they’re going through.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

In this breakup and depression movie, Joel and Clementine are living what seems to be a grand and infinite love tale until the night they decide to split. Fighting depression but craving to overcome her condition, Clementine finds a company which can fix the problem, as it offers to erase parts of the memory of customers, and she takes the decision to pay to have Joel removed from her mind. When Joel finds out, he actually does the same. What they don’t know is that somehow little bits of their memories persist that will allow them to meet again.

Eternal Sunshine who gave Charlie Kaufman the 2nd Oscar of his short career is a very deep look at love and the deep depression states that it can cause on two lovers.

American beauty

Lester Burnham is living through a midlife crisis that’s shattering the lives of his wife, an unsuccessful real-estate agent and his unusual teenage daughter. Despite handling his state apparently well on the outside and always with some humor in the mix, Lester is hatching a hopeless deep depression inside, due to his disillusionment with how mundane his life turned out. To add to the party he develops an fascination with a teenage cheerleader who is his daughter’s best friend.

This depression movie deals not only with the subject of depression, and the way it can take effect on families but also with the most common relationship issues between husband and wife and parents and children, such as the difficulty in communication and understanding. Winner of 5 Academy Awards, American Beauty, stands tall as a stunning success in what concerns movies about depression, as well as one of the greatest films of all time.

The Hours

This film comprises three stories centered around three different women from different eras struggling with depression. Virginia Woolf currently writing her book “Mrs. Dalloway”. The book Laura Brown in 1951 in the second story and in the modern age, Clarissa Vaughan, a book publisher trying to cope with the imminent death of her close friend Richard who has AIDS. Somehow these three apparently different lives are attached, showing the public how people living in such diverse periods can be experiencing similar problems. The Hours is a very powerful film, sure to figure in any list of the greatest movies about depression, and definitely a must watch for anyone currently struggling with similar mental well being problems.

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