Things to Consider Before Becoming a Security Guard

Thinking of Becoming a Security Guard

security guardMaybe you are considering a career as a security guard but you are wondering how much money a security guard makes? Some things to consider would be the amount of your own experience and training that would be a factor in the amount of money for a security guard salary. Similarly critical is the area of the country in which you live. Different places in the country pay different pay scales to individuals working in the security industry.

Security Guard Job Details

According to Wikipedia and other informational sites, a security guard is a person who is paid to protect property and assets of people. There are times when a security guard will dress in uniform to clearly identify themselves. At other times, security guards dress in plain clothes to blend in with the population.

In the old days, security guards were described as night watchmen. Mostly for the reason that their job was fulfilled at nighttime. These days that is not the case. Occupations in the protection industry are mainstream and afford a good career. Security guards are necessary twenty four hours per day and seven days per week.

Some security guards are never seen and work undercover. Many guards will man video monitoring systems and do surveillance work and undercover work.

Security guards do not have the power of arrest but they can perform general public arrests.

Security Guard Jobs

If you are contemplating a security guard job, a bare minimum of education that is commonly needed is a high school certificate or a G.E.D. equivalent.

There are a range of jobs to be had in the protection trade. A few of the locations you can anticipate to work would be for the government, banks, hospitals, public event, shopping malls, art gallerias and museums.

Shift work is frequent in this line of work. eight hours or more in one shift is what you can anticipate.. You can be expected to patrol a property in a car or on foot. Your job is very comparable to law enforcement work. If you are contemplating a vocation in law enforcement, you may want to first become a security guard to see if you may like this field of work before going through all of the training to become a law enforcement officer.

Your responsibility may be to protect against terrorism, fire and burglary. You may perhaps apprehend citizens and have to interrogate them.

It’s a good idea to be physically fit for this type of work. It’s feasible to expect to have to stand or walk a patrol for long periods of time.
Although the job is usually routine, there can be danger associated with the job. You could be dealing with intruders and criminals who carry weapons. Depending upon your employer and your own credentials, you may or may not carry a weapon. State laws will determine this.

You will most likely be given some type of instructional training before beginning work as a security guard. The additional schooling you get, the higher security guard wages you may well anticipate. A few states declare separate stipulations and demand certification. You must complete more extensive educational requirements to be designated as an armed security guard.

Be ready for a personal history review. Most security firms will do a background examination ahead of employing an worker.

You will also discover that carrying a valid state driver’s certificate is also a prerequisite.

The security guard business ordinarily has a great percentage of turnover. If you are sincere about a job in the security business, you will have a clear opportunity for development and advance compensation if you stay on the job.

There is a great future for you and good pay if you decide to become a security guard.

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