Three Tips to Looking Like a Celebrity

Wanna Have The Star Appeal?

CelebrityLooking like a celebrity can be a lot of work, time and money. It seems like every time you can finally afford those new jeans or outfit, the style has changed and you are back to saving money. There are a few things you can do to look like a pro and save time and money while you are at it.

1. Shop at premium second hand stores that sell only lightly used fashionable clothes. These stores don’t typically take donations, but rather buy used clothing from people who no longer can fit in or afford certain styles. This can save you a rather large chunk of change.

2. Straighten your hair with a Keratin Hair Treatment. The new look right now is to have straight hair. This requires long hours in front of the mirror using a hair iron. The Brazilian keratin treatment not only makes your hair healthier but adds shine, bounce and stops the frizz. To save money, don’t go to the salon for the treatment. You can buy a home keratin kit which will last you several uses (usually around 8) for the price of one salon visit. If you do the math, that can be up to 24 months of straight hassle-free hair.

Pro-Tip: Use QOD Gold treatment keratin to maximize results. Qod Gold products utilize real gold karats and keratin to completely penetrate hair follicles for maximum results. No other product on the market offers this same technology.

3. Don’t freak out about annoying pimples that show up the night of! More stress and picking will only make it worse. Use anti-red eye drops to remove the color and then a light base and you will be good to go!

Use these tips to rock it like a real celebrity. Be confident and don’t forget you  sunglasses to top off your look.

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