Tips For Every Stage of Your Pregnancy

Things Every Pregnant Woman Should Know

pregnancyPregnancy is a wonderful experience that you will never forget.  It is a unique experience for every woman and for every individual pregnancy.  If you are like most women then you will have questions along the way.  Here are a couple of tips that might answer some of  those questions.

Many couples who are trying to get pregnant want to know how common is a false negative pregnancy test.  The answer is that it is really quite common and it can be dangerous to be pregnant and not realize it.  There are a few steps you can follow which will help prevent this though.  First, be sure to pay close attention to the directions that come with your test.  All brands are a little different in some areas.  The most common differences are in the symbols that represent a positive or negative result, and the amount of time to wait before reading the test.  Some people just assume that if its two minutes for one test it must be two minutes for all tests but it can vary.  You should also be sure to take the test first thing in the morning.  If you take it as soon as you wake up, before you pee, it will ensure the highest concentration of the pregnancy hormone in your urine if it is present.  If you follow these simple guidelines then you should have an accurate result.

If your baby arrives in the winter you may have trouble keeping him or her comfortable while sleeping.  The challenge is that you can’t use traditional blankets with a newborn because of the suffocation risk.  If you dress them too warm then they might overheat during the night.  That’s where baby sleeping bags come in.  They are leek standard sleeping bags but they are meant to be worn like clothing.  They are usually open on top and have arm holes or sleeves.  Because they move with your baby, you don’t have to worry about suffocation like with regular blankets and they are open on the top so your baby doesn’t get too warm.  They come in all kinds of styles and varieties.  They even make lighter versions for use during the summer.  They have been popular in Europe for years but are a new trend here in the states.

Weather you are trying to get pregnant or you are caring for your newborn, These tips should help you on your way to being an amazing parent.  It is a wonderful and amazing process so be sure to enjoy it.

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