Tips For Preserving Your Fresh Flower Bouquet

Fresh Flower Bouquets

fresh flower bouquetReceiving flowers from a loved one is a great feeling that we want to last for as long as possible. The problem with making the flowers last is that they are fresh cut flowers and will eventually dry out. You can however prolong that feeling, by taking the best care of your bouquet. Here are a few tips for preserving your fresh flower bouquets.

Once you get your bouquet, observe what type of holder it is in. Does your container have water or just a Styrofoam holder with very little water? The Styrofoam holders are not for long time use, but mainly used to hold the plants upright for transporting. These types of holders can sometimes prevent your bouquet from getting the right amount of water. Taking out the Styrofoam holder will allow your flowers to thrive longer.

Always change the water in your vases every other day at least. Fresh water daily or at least every other day will allow your flowers to look beautiful for longer. Changing the water frequently will also make it more difficult for fungi and bacteria to grow in the water and on the flowers themselves. Since certain types of flowers are generally more prone to pests and bacteria, changing the water can greatly improve the longevity of your flower arrangements.

While changing the water in your flowers’ vase, you must remember to always use the flower food that is included with your bouquet. Use just a pinch each time you change the water and your flowers will stay alive for longer. If you have any other questions about the flower food itself or if you did not receive your packet, do not hesitate to call the florist, like a Beaverton florist, for assistance.

Another thing to consider when you get a floral arrangement is the place it will be displayed. Many people simply place flower bouquets on a table and never think about the actual placement and the conditions of the room it will be placed. To make sure your flowers last longer, you should avoid direct winds from heating and cooling vents, fans, and open windows. Winds that are persistent will prematurely dry out your flower bouquet.

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