Tips for Using and Buying Votive Candles

Light Up the Room

Votive CandlesThe uses of votive candles are versatile these days. They are not only used to light up the place but also as a form of decoration. To maximize the burn time of votive candles, it is best to place it inside tight fitting votive candle holders. It is important that the candle fits exactly inside the candle holder to prevent the melted wax from dripping to the bottom of the holder. By doing this, the burn time is maximized and all the wax is used to produce the flame.

When the candle holder is much bigger than the votive candle, the melted wax may drip into the bottom therefore much wax is wasted since it will not be used to fuel the fire if it is far from the wick. A votive candle can easily last up to 15 hours when used without waste.

There are different qualities of votive candles available in the market. The cheaper ones usually give off a strong smoky smell. They also give off dark smoke that may stain the ceiling above it. These cheap votive candles are usually made with below par paraffin waxes. They carry a strong unpleasant smell and are unclean to burn.

There are all natural votive candles available in the market today. These all natural votive candles are made from beeswax or soy wax. They are pricier than the ones made from paraffin waxes but they burn cleaner and will not give off an unpleasant smell. They are high in quality. But it is best to read the labels when buying all natural votive candles. Some natural votive candles are mixed with some chemicals. That is why a bit of study is important to know you exactly know what you are getting. It is also important to try out a few of the different kinds available to compare which ones will suit your particular taste and preferences.

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