Tips to Make Fake Tan Spray Last

For A Longer Lasting Fake Tan Follow These Tips

spray tanEveryone knows that the fake tan spray is the best way to tan your skin since it does not make the skin damaged due to the rays that the person is getting from the tanning beds and from laying out in the sun. With that being said, the person will find that they must do some things for their skin in order to make the fake tan spray be something that lasts. Too many times the person simply gives up since they are finding that the spray just does not give them the life that they are wanting, not when compared to a tanning bed.

However, in both situations the person must realize that in order to maintain the tan that they are going to have to make sure that they look at the upkeep of their skin.

First tip, the spray tan will stick to the skin better if it is well moisturized. With that being said, the person will also find that the spray will stick better to their body if they have not shaved recently, which is something that most people are not aware of. They are going to find that if they use a daily moisturizing lotion on their skin that they will end up with the right results and find that the spray tan is staying on much longer.

Another aspect to remember is that you should make sure that you also maintain this moisture in your skin while the tan spray is on your skin. You will find that through doing this the tan is going to be more likely to stay in the skin than if the person were to not moisturize at all or have skin that is dry and itchy.

The person should avoid using scrubbers on their skin when they have a tan since this can literally make the tan peel right off. However, with that being said, when a person gets a bad spray tan they will also find this useful to remove the tan spray that they are experiencing.

Overall, when you are wanting to make the tan last longer when you get spray tanned, you should avoid getting in the water for prolonged amounts of time since this is going to rub the tan off sooner. Most people will find that through normal skin regiments that they can make sure that they are having the tan last longer than what they initially thought possible and this is giving them the glowing skin for longer without spending more money.

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