Tomb Raider – The Power of Lara Croft

Everyone Knows Lara Croft

Lara CroftThere was a time when video games were designed just for young kids to play in their spare time. Not much effort and thought was required when coming up with a theme. Anything which moved and shot down other objects was considered to be a fun game.

But now developing video games have become a full-fledge occupation. Since the target audience is no longer young kids with time to spare, video game developers have to put in a great deal of thought when coming up with a theme for the game. The graphics, the storyline, the music, all these and a lot more have to be cautiously planned.

One of the all-time popular games is Tomb Raider. Developed in 1996 by Core Designs this game revolves around a young archaeologist Lara Croft. The game belongs to a 3D genre and uses third person shooting mechanics. The story behind each game is usually Lara Croft searching for some mysterious artifact while she is constantly being intercepted by a rival tomb raider who wants the artifact for his own use. In each adventure the artifact is hidden in some of the oldest tombs around the world.

To date nearly more than five Tomb Raider games have been developed all action filled and all posing a new challenge to game players. Along with being a video game there is also a comic and two movies under the same title. Each game brings something new to the players than the old one. New sets of weapons and moves allow players to better explore the different levels of the game.

Also available to give players a slight push in the right direction are cheats and hints which make the game playing experience easy and fun.

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