Top Five Myths About Belly Button Rings

Teenagers’ Wrong Beliefs About Belly Button Rings

belly-button-ringThere are many myths surrounding the subject of navel piercing that make teenage girls worry. We have chosen five of them, which can be easily proven as untrue myths.

1. Parents think that when a young teen girl decides to pierce her navel, means she is about to be sexually active (or already is). That makes them spy on their daughter, read her diary or check her Facebook to find out what she is doing. This is a common practice of many parents whose communication with their teenager has suffered some breakdown, not necessarily related to their piercings.

2. When you have a belly button ring you turn into a slut because you will be showing it off to everybody. Believe it or not, this thought deters many a pre teen girl from piercing her navel, because they do not want to become sluts or that someone else thinks they are.

3. It is very painful to pierce your navel.  Nowadays this piercing is almost painless, as a good professional knows what is doing and uses anesthetics and special disposable needles. It is rare the girl who has undergone a navel piercing and testifies of how painful it was.

4. Only lean girls can wear belly button rings.  This is kind of logical –in a way- as the rings do look much better in a nice lean and tuned body. Nevertheless, it could be a good motivation for those who have some extra pounds, to go on a healthier diet and get enough exercise in order to look better with their belly button rings.

5. Belly button rings can “migrate” to other parts of the body and even be absorbed or lost inside the navel.  While sometimes they do “migrate”, they only move a few millimeters from the original piercing. They do not get absorbed by the navel.

It is highly recommended that those who intend to get a body piercing do a thorough research and inform themselves about it so they can have peace of mind. Seek referrals from people you trust, to help you find the best professional body piercing clinics. Buy some good gold or sterling silver rings to avoid infections or allergies. Teenagers, who undergo navel piercing, will need the help and support of their moms, even if they pretend not to. It is a good time to bond between mom and daughter.

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