Top Room Makeover Tips – Learn The Basic Skills

How to Master Basic Home Decorating Skills

how to master basic home decorating If you are going to fix up a room or two in your house and funds are tight, you should learn how to do the work yourself.  You will save a lot of money when you can do the labor yourself.  You can also make your rooms look the way you want them to by putting your own “touches” on the projects as you do them.  I will give you some ideas that I have found work very well when you are just learning how to do projects on your own:

1.  Have a friend teach you while you help them —  You can get a lot of good “hands on” experience by helping one of your friends do a project on their house.  This is especially good when you friend is experienced and willing to help you learn.  When you become a free “helper” to you buddy, you will get to learn a lot of hands on skills in a non threatening environment.

2.  Go to classes at night or on the weekend — If you want to learn how to hang a Hampton Bay Lighting fan, you can take classes at your local Home Depot or Lowes.  They staff there will show you exactly how to do the work, and you will be able to build up your confidence before you take on the project live.  You will find that attending these classes can really help you learn how to do these simple projects very quickly.

3.  Pick out a project and do it —  You can pick a simple project like replacing the curtains as an early project to build up your confidence.  You can buy ready made curtains at KMart for a great price and then add your own personal touches to them.   You will learn how to plan out and execute a small project, and this experience is very valuable as you move up to more challenging tasks.

You can learn how to master basic home decorating skills by going to classes or helping your friends with little projects in their homes.  Once you get some skills and build up your confidence, you can start to take on projects in your own home.

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