Tourist activities in Panama

touristThose backpacking Central America and heading specifically to Panama will be wondering about what to do when they get there. The reason why people travel is to refresh and entertain themselves. That is why you cannot leave out tourist activities when talking about Panama travel tips. Here are some activities for Panama visitors.


There is a lot of nature to be observed in Panama. Panama is among the world’s best bird watching destinations in the world. There are 950 or more registered bird species in Panama. Lovers of birds will therefore have a lot to see once they get to this country.

You can experience one the best tropical rainforests in Panama. The Gamboa Tropical Rainforest Reserve is one of the place in Panama where this experience at its best. There are a lot of tropical flora and fauna to be observed in this forest reserve. Lovers of orchids should be heading towards the Anton Valley, about 120km west of Panama City where some of the most unique orchids are found.

At the El Nispero Botanical Gardens, you are in for a thrilling experience of being fastened into a harness and swung over trees, from one platform to the other. You will be amazed at the amount of green available to be viewed. This is one adventure you cannot afford to miss.

Water Sports

Water sports enthusiasts have a lot to enjoy in Panama. There are lots of diving and snorkeling activities. One of the best places for these is Isla Grande which is home for a lot of diving centers. They offer excursions to some of the best reefs around the Taboga Islands and the Bocas del Toro archipelago.

One water sports that is gaining popularity fast, is whitewater rafting. This is being done on the Chiriquí and Chiriquí Viejo rivers. Whitewater rafting is not possible during the rainy season; that is from April to December.

Boat Trips

One of the most important tourist attractions is a boat trip on the Panama Canal. You get to observe some of the flora and fauna along the canal. Some these are birds and crocodiles. The canal is a man made link between the two seas, the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean. You get to see some of the large vessels that cross the canal.


There is an abundance of fish in both the Caribbean and the Pacific around Panama. If you want to fish you should head to any of the following locations: Coiba Island, Pinas Bay, Toboga and Contadora Island.

These are all activities that hover around nature in Panama. There are other activities such as golf and horse riding. There are lots of golf courses and horse-breeding farms that receive visitors in Panama.

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