True Refrigerators Are The Best!

True Refrigerators

true refrigeratorOnly True can deliver you the highly after-sought commercial refrigeration authority, easefulness and utmost cooling performance you would ever need for restaurant refrigerators.  Several restaurant owners have made the right choice by siding in with True refrigerators.  Imagine a refrigerator simply designed with user-friendly interface and packed with the latest technology in cooling operations – that’s True.  For a modest price, you can never go wrong with a True fridge.

Among the many commercial brands of refrigerators available, it is True that really sticks out as something interesting and appealing.  Because of the simplistic design construction, it merits convenience and ease of use for users – something that is highly valued in a business setting.  However, it is not just the ergonomic design that sweeps away the interests of customers.  You will find that there is more to just design that makes a True fridge truly worthy of an investment.

A True refrigerator far exceeds other commercial cooling appliance brands near its price with its oversized compressor and large evaporators that promise the optimum cooling performance.  Commercial and business settings like restaurants require a superior and heavy-duty compressor and evaporator installed in the refrigerator so as to aid rapid freeze function and initiate faster temperature recovery to stabilize any abrupt temperature changes.  That way, food preservation is consistently carried out as usual and you don’t have to worry about spoilage possibilities.

With True, you can do more than saving utility costs with their Energy Star qualified refrigerators.  This brand is also equipped with a CFC-free high density insulation that promotes ozone depletion potential and global warming potential, thus, saving the environment in the process.  The idea that you can cut 20% off the energy consumption is something that most consumers are looking for nowadays.  Now you can also go green with True.

Quality inspected, tested and proven, True refrigerators come with an exclusive 5-year warranty with the company and the authorized dealers.  Perks like these make True the topnotch choice for commercial refrigeration systems.

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