Turkey Fryers Create Delicious Meals With Less Time And Effort

Turkey Fryers Cost Less Online

Turkey FryerTurkey fryers create juicy, crispy results in less time than ovens or rotisseries. Indoor and outdoor models use electricity, propane, or infrared heat to fry to perfection. Learning how to cook a turkey in a fryer is easy and not as messy as the traditional method.

Indoor tabletop units fry poultry up to twelve pounds. Models are generally electric although the styles using infrared heat instead of oil are also available. Outdoor models use propane and include a stainless steel or aluminum pot, burner, basket, basket, thermometer, rack, grab hook, and marinade injector.

When using an outdoor unit, the bird must first be completely thawed with the giblets and neck removed. It is then thoroughly washed with water and patted dry. Next, the desired seasoning is rubbed all over the turkey. Marinade can be injected the night before or a few hours before frying for better absorption. The poultry is then placed on the rack with legs pointing up.

After placing the pot on the burner, oil is poured in up to the fill line which generally fills it three quarters full. Canola, corn, or safflower oil can be used or the more popular peanut oil. The thermometer is inserted at least one inch in the oil, and the burner is turned on to heat the oil to 350 degrees which takes up to twenty minutes. Upon reaching this temperature, the heat is reduced, and the racked turkey is slowly lowered into the pot using the grab hook. Upon complete submersion, the heat is increased.

The frying process must be constantly monitored so the temperature will not rise above 350 degrees. Poultry should be cooked three minutes for every pound plus five minutes. Upon completion, the burner is turned off and the turkey and rack are pulled out using the grab hook. It is placed on a heavy duty pan lined with paper towels to absorb the oil before placing on a serving platter.

Discovering how to cook a turkey using turkey fryers results in delicious meals that take less time and clean up. Personal preference and poultry weight determine whether indoor or outdoor models are more desirable. Either style is available in a range of prices to fit even the tightest budget.

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