Turquoise High Heel Shoes

What’s Behind the Color

Turquoise High Heel ShoesThe color turquoise is named after an opaque, bluish green mineral formed from a hydrous phosphate made of copper and aluminum. This precious stone is valued by a great number of cultures. The Egyptians have treasured this gem as a good luck charm, this civilization has some of the oldest artifacts made of turquoise.

Early Egyptians have used turquoise to decorate the possessions of their beloved dead. The Persians used it in pendants and bracelets to keep ward off evil. They also pinned this gem onto their turbans and embedded them upon talismans, hilts of daggers, sabers and horse bridles. These days, this gem is still highly prized.

The color is also a huge favorite among the great design houses, both old and new.  This color figures heavily in high heels shoes, but there also a host of other turquoise shoes to choose from. Turquoise is a combination of several shades of green and blue.  The many shades of turquoise go by names:  darker shades are called ultramarine or teal. Mid tones of turquoise are called blue-green, while the lighter shades are called aqua, aquamarine or cyan. This color is wonderful to have in one’s wardrobe.

Although it is a very popular color for summer or spring, darker shades can work well with winter and fall fashion making this color good all year round.  The color matches beautifully with neutrals. Neutral colors such as black, brown, white, and gray will look very sophisticated with a pair of dark turquoise pumps.

Some of the most beautiful combinations are made by turquoise and gray. Turquoise shoes also match are a perfect match for browns, from light and sleek shades to rich chocolate. Because turquoise incorporates shades of blue, turquoise shoes work great with light blue frocks, blue suits and jackets, and blue skirts.

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