Two Fun Ideas To Jazz Up Your Wedding

Planning You Wedding?

weddingThe preparations for a wedding can be a bewildering, panic-inducing process not just only for the bride but for the groom and their families and friends as well. The wedding ceremony itself doesn’t need to be very extravagant; in face, a solemn air is encouraged to promote the sanctity of the occasion.

The wedding reception can be freer and more relaxing, but it’s this part that may bring concern to the bride more, in terms of decorations. You don’t need to go all out with decorating the reception party; sometimes all you need are one or two main attractions that will give the whole event a new and unforgettable touch. Two examples of fun decorations are cupcake stands and chair covers.

A cupcake stand displaying cute and tasty treats on a wedding buffet table is a delightful sight to behold. Cupcakes are more inviting and tempting than one huge wedding cake, and your guests will have fun choosing which treats to nibble on, especially if you serve cupcakes in a variety of flavours and colors. You may not have a choice on what your main dishes and appetizers look like, but with cupcakes, you can have fun with the frosting and toppings. Your cupcakes can come in the classic with the twirly frosting, or you can opt for the decorative ones with frosting shaped like roses, hearts, ribbons and even cartoon characters.

Wedding chair covers are an easy and inexpensive way to revise old and unsightly chairs. It can be as simple as draping a silk or satin cloth over the chair or by tying a colourful sash around the chair backs. You can also have special chair covers with intricate embroidery, painted designs or sewn rosebuds and ribbons. These two are effective wedding decorations, because they focus on two different fields: cupcake stands adorn tabletops, and chair covers turn ordinary seats to pretty and elegant ones.

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