Understanding Why Women Love to Wear High Heels

High Heels..

high heelsToday, it is virtually impossible to know any woman who does not own a fancy pretty high heels. Every woman I know wears them, even only during special occasions. Everybody always has at least one pair of high-heeled shoes in their closets just for that perfect occasion to wear them. Of course, the majority of women these days do have some obsession for a certain type of shoe, whether they are pumps, stilettos, wedges or the chunky block shoes. Recent studies have shown that wearing high heels can cause several severe foot problems, but many women would not give up wearing them. Why? Let’s find out.

Fashion statement:
High heels and custom made shoes are almost synonymous to glamor, style and fashion sense. Women mostly associate wearing high heels to being fashionable and chic, which are among the most coveted characteristics in women. With a fashion statement of her own, a woman can move faster in her endeavors just because she looks great. This is particularly true for women who are in careers that require them to look good, such as the fashion, film and hospitality industries. By having her own fashion statement, she shows her personality and her taste for fabulous things.

Attractive to the opposite sex:
One cannot eliminate the fact that women wear high heels to look good to the opposite sex. Any woman would want to look appealing to men, either to feel good about themselves or to attract a prospective suitor. Whichever their reason, getting the approval of others will make one feel great.

When a woman wears high heels, her foot is angled differently with respect to her lower leg which accentuates the appearance of her calves. She also stands more upright resulting in better posture. Seeing a woman in this type of posture gives a positive impression on men.

Height boost:
High heels were invented in the first place to provide a much needed height boost. Even today, this functionality still stands and many women just love to add an extra couple of inches to their height for a better appearance. The added height also boosts women’s confidence.

Confidence boost:
If you notice, women wearing high heels look even more amazing and statuesque. This effect is not only because of their improved appearance, but also because they feel more confident. A woman always gets a spike of confidence whenever she puts on a pair of beautiful heels.

Why else would a woman want to wear high heels, but because of these reasons. A woman always wants to look beautiful and these shoes contribute towards achieving that goal. A woman knows she looks great when people look admiringly at her and these high heels definitely make it possible.

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