Unusual Gift Ideas for Girls and Guys

Are You Struggling to Find a Gift?

giftAre you pulling your hair out trying to find a gift for your girlfriend?  Has your best buddy just bought his first house?  Here are three unusual gift ideas that will fit the bill for both of them. Girls love to spend time with their guys, and giving your sweetheart a gift of a special time together will be a big hit. Think about her favorite fun thing to do, and arrange to make it happen.  Does she love live theater? Get tickets to a show and take her to dinner first.  If theater isn’t her thing, there are many other events that can be a great experience together, such as going to see a well-known comedian, seeing Cirque de Soleil or another circus, or seeing a concert are gift ideas for girlfriend.

Even something as simple as planning a day of hiking with a special romantic picnic at a scenic spot can make her feel really special. Be sure to present her with flowers and bring a pretty cloth or blanket to spread on the grass.  While a romantic day together may not be in order for you and your guy friends, how about getting tickets to a big game, or even just a regular one? There can be a lot of stress associated with moving, and sometimes men just want to step back from all of the packing, unpacking, and furniture placement and just enjoy some guy time. Grab a quick meal at a sports bar, then head out to the arena, stadium or field. Better yet, get your friends together to pitch with housewarming gift ideas that revolve around the new home-owner’s favorite sport or team. Pennants, jerseys, framed posters or prints, chairs, lamps, and mugs are just some of the items that are now available.

Another unique item that suits guys and gals is a soil-less plant.  Choose something like a cactus tray where an assortment of miniature cactus plants are arranged in a tray of decorative sand.  There are also exotic flowers like orchids that can grow hydroponically, and are beautiful symbols of love. Use these ideas to get started with some of your own – happy shopping!

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