Using a Virtusphere to Learn

Have You Heard of the Virtusphere?

the virtusphereThe world of technology is about all about exploring virtual environments. Thanks to the recent creation of the Virtusphere, participants are able to take exploring to a whole new level. It is a ten foot ball like structure which is surely big enough for any human to explore in. Harrisburg University made an investment in the Virtusphere last June at the Learning and Entertainment Evolution Forum and amazed its audience with a way for people to explore many virtual environments.

A Virtusphere can help students in many ways. Offering a platform for entertainment or learning, it has the ability for multiple benefits to individuals and to entire communities. In the past, Virtusphere’s have been used for the military. Two Virtusphere’s landed at popular Las Vegas casinos for entertainment but the latest questions about Virtusphere’s are how it has the potential to assist students in their studies. Virtual reality is a powerful learning tool and the Virtusphere offers a learning experience unlike anything other method of teaching.

With multiple ways to teach, students can thrive in their studies like never before. For example, an anatomy student can step inside the Virtusphere and explore the body by visually learning in a way that textbooks can’t provide. Taking tests can change as well, as Virtusphere’s can allow a different way to prove what students know by tracking the pathway of point A to point B as opposed to writing the generic essay. Learning history in a Virtusphere could take on a whole new meaning for students if they are able to explore battlefields and villages due to this exciting virtual world capability.

A Virtusphere gives people the capability to learn, explore and increase revenue in their school. Insurance companies prove to have the most to gain from Virtusphere’s however. Due to virtual reality, insurance companies can use the Virtusphere to explore various claim situations such as floods and hurricane damages. They can chat among themselves and benefit from chat rooms to communicate with others in this unique, virtual reality.

The benefits of a Virtusphere are many, and the list continues to grow. It offers learning opportunities for students, a way for companies to discover and learn through realistic scenarios and for schools to earn revenue.

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