Vertical Jump Training

Increase Your Vertical Jump

Vertical JumpA lot of those who train how to jump higher are not aware that they are training in a manner which is commonly done by a blind person. Indeed even though these individuals are not impaired in such manner they are actually executing the training without any idea on how they execute the exercises. People tend to be passive especially if they have oriented themselves with such kind of training. They tend to overlook the importance of efficiency and accuracy in training. Increase vertical jump with vertical jump training.

Sometimes this has nothing to do with focus, It is utterly hard to maintain such efficiency if you don’t have a way of monitoring it. People tend to be more focused if there is a means of monitoring their performance. So the question which we must find answer is how to monitor one’s performance when training how to jump higher.

There are some tools and equipments one can use for this. One of the most ideal and affordable way of monitoring your performance is by using full length mirror. This is commonly seen at gyms, if you have noticed there are lots of mirrors surrounding this certain establishment; these mirrors are not installed for you to keep track of your look. But they are utilized in such manner that you can monitor your performance. If you execute in front of a mirror you can be aware of your posture and the way you execute the exercises, and from such reflection you can then correct your mistake.

A more sophisticated way of keeping track of your performance is done through recording. This is done using a video camera. You won’t be able to see your reflection here so you would be executing the exercises without the total awareness of how you do it. But then you can determine if you do it the right way after you have reviewed your performance.

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