Video Conferencing

How to Best Use It

Video ConferencingVideo conferencing is used widely in large corporate settings, businesses, government, and in households. The technology varies in simplicity and cost depending its application. It is obvious that government and large corporations will need more sophisticated equipment than households. For this reason, the ease of setting up and tech support varies as well.

Depending on the setting, application, and purpose, this technology present issues that will require more or less technical support. For best use of the technology, here are a few things to consider.

The type of equipment – The equipment will have different capabilities depending on sophistication, cost, and the features needed. However, the quality of the webcam is important.

The network or connection – The network or internet connection is important. The speed and bandwidth will determine much of the functioning of this technology.

Video conferencing may include technology such as text chat, letting you send text messages to other participants and can also include a file transfer feature, allowing the sending and sharing of data. It can also allow for recording of the session or conference. It can allow more than two people to video conference at once. Many cameras can stream simultaneously as well, depending on the needs of the user. The technology may be web based or not, needing software installed to be able to use it. Don’t forget the audio quality of the equipment and the incorporation of audio technology in it.

Other considerations include best practices to use the technology.

You can record or set up another pc to see yourself, at least in the beginning, so you have an idea of what your presentation looks to participants on the other side. It will help you improve your posture, pace of talking, and virtual eye contact via camera.

You can position the camera near the area of the pc where you look towards the most; this will translate into a more natural appearance when talking to participants. This will help you keep virtual eye contact with the audience, which can be easily lost if you are doing something or handling any applications at the same time you are talking, easily forgetting that there is an audience on the other side.

Experimenting with lighting is important, as you don’t want to appear too dark or too light, depending at what angle or location lighting has been set up.

Pay attention to the clothes you are wearing. Wear camera friendly clothes that are easy on the resolution. Solid lighter colors are best, avoid stripes or complicated patterns.

Overall, give yourself time to move and gesture, as well as to talk since there is a delay in transmission of about a second or so.

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