Video Door Entry System

For Added Protection to Your Home

Video Door Entry SystemYou’ve spent a lot of time and money to beef up security in your home.  The new camera surveillance system is in place.  Today, workers have just finished the door security system.  Now that you have installed the latest video door entry system in your home,  how do you use it most effectively?   The answer to that question is something that depends on the reason that the entire security upgrade happened in the first place.

Let’s look at some of the smartest ways to use a door entry system.  Hopefully, some or all of them will match up closely with the reason for the upgrade in the first place.

Video door entry systems enable the monitoring and screening of visitors.  This is the main reason that these systems are in existence.  However, the last few years have seen dramatic improvements in picture quality and capabilities of these systems.   Yes, they are still great for people with limited mobility to see who is at the door.  Their are now other possibilities.

You can now easily connect the door system to your smart phone and basically have a video chat with whoever is at your doorway.  It can be a great tool for receiving deliveries of perishables when you are not home.   You can instruct the deliveryman to bring them next door or if the deliveryman just rings the doorbell and dashes (as is often the case in my household), just call a neighbor to grab the package until you get home.  Important surprise visitors will at least get a chance to talk to you if you are not home.

There is also the security aspect of these video entry systems to consider.  If you keep your doorway well-lit and keep the camera in an obvious spot or advertise the camera, this is enough to scare off most thieves.  If this is the only function of the system that you are concerned with, then save some money and get fake security cameras.  They will accomplish the same thing at a fraction of the cost.

Video door entry systems can really make your life easier and more secure.  All it takes is a little money, a little imagination, coupled with new technology to use them in the smartest way possible.

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