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Lose Belly FatAre you sick of trying to lose weight and want to know how to lose belly fat fast? Well the first thing you need to learn is that no matter how many hundreds of crunches you do, you still wont lost any belly fat because of them. Lot of people will come and tell you that you can do crunches or ab related exercises to lose belly fat but that is not true.

The fact is that the only way you can ever lose belly fat through exercise is to do aerobics. Aerobics are the only workout which help you burn fat and that is what you need no matter what part of your body you need to lose fat from. No fat will come off from the belly only – you can just lose overall weight and the waist will go less in time too. Just keep at it.

When it comes to aerobics you have a wide variety of workouts available. There are DVDs from professional trainers that you can take up or you can take up any workout plan you like for instance dance-aerobics or kick boxing or Tae Bo – anything as long as you are pushing yourself hard. Beginners should do an aerobic workout for about ten minutes and do the talking test at all times to make sure you are safe.

The talking test means just keep talking through the workout and when your heart rate is elevated to a point where it becomes unable to talk, just leave the aerobics and do a cool down. But make sure that warm up procedures and cool down procedures are completed because that is what will save you from injury.

You can also do a detox cleanse weight loss if you think you can commit to a detox plan if you want to lose weight fast.

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