What About Compression Socks

Do They Improve Athletes’ Performance?

Compression SocksI am getting pretty irritated by all of these marathon runners gushing about their precious compression socks. Every time I go to hand out water at one of these stupid marathons, I always get some lonely runner, who is either so far ahead or so far behind that they have time to spare, who wants to talk to me and brag about their beautiful compression stockings.

They’re always telling me that they are such a great runner because of these compression socks, and that they wouldn’t have been able to run this mile if they weren’t wearing the socks. (You aren’t running the marathon by standing around and talking to me either, buddy). I was listening to the same type of speech for the fifth time one day when I finally snapped, and shouted to everyone that compression socks do absolutely nothing to enhance athletic ability, especially in track and field athletes. Everyone was stunned into submission by my explosion. I then proceeded to climb atop my soap box and preach to everyone exactly why compression socks do not work the way people think they do.

Compression socks improve the blood flow and circulation in your legs. A proper diet, and certain exercises will do the same thing. So why is it that all of a sudden compression socks are looked to as being this magnificent, magical item that can cause someone to run faster? I’m not exactly sure why that is, but I can tell you one thing for sure; compression socks do not improve athlete performance. At all.

They do however, speed up the recovery process after a hard workout. But that doesn’t mean that they can also make a person run faster. As far as I am concerned, the only thing on this planet that can make a person run faster is themselves, and their own determination.

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