What Diamonds Are Best For Art Deco Engagement Rings?

Diamonds for Art Deco Rings

art deco diamond ringFor a unique and bold style of engagement ring, there is nothing better than Art Deco rings.  This style uses bold designs and bold colors, creating elegant geometric patterns that speak volumes about the sophistication and elegance of the woman wearing it.  The diamond is a central feature on most engagement rings, and certain shapes of diamonds work better than others with art deco rings.  Here are some of the best diamond cuts that you can choose for an Art Deco style engagement ring.

First, a classic diamond cut that is the emerald cut.  This cut has a simple geometric shape to it that matches perfectly with the sharp lines and geometric patterns of Art Deco styles.  Rectangular shapes are popular in older styles of jewelry, such as Art Deco.  This cut is also simple and open enough that you can have some very elaborate and beautiful designs around it without making the ring look too complex and flashy.  This is a great overall diamond cut that combines simplicity with beauty.

Another great choices is Asscher cut engagement rings.  An Asscher cut has an overall square shape, and is similar to the emerald cut.  The main difference is the addition of many more stepped facets, giving the diamond a very intricate and geometric appearance that fits perfectly with Art Deco’s characteristic look.

Because Art Deco styles often use circular motifs, the common and popular round cut works great.  Whether this central diamond is surrounded by a circular pattern of pave set diamonds, or by elaborate filigree work, the round cut is sure to fit perfectly with the art deco style.

Finding the right diamond is important in creating the overall look and character of your engagement ring.  For Art Deco styles of antique engagement rings, the emerald cut, asscher cut, or round cut all offer you the perfect options.

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