What is a Google Chromebook?

Google Chromebooks – What You Need to Know

Google ChromebookGoogle Chromebooks are basically a lightweight notebook with one major feature, it runs on Google operating system, instead of Windows or Mac OS. This operating system is designed around the Chrome web browser, making the Chromebook experience almost fully web based. The chromebook is cheaper, thinner and has longer batter life as compared to regular notebooks. Chromebook features include cloud hosted applications, documents, 3G in-built Wi-Fi and 8 second boot up.

The Chromebook takes that Chrome OS platform and puts it onto specially designed hardware. This is a new brand of laptops rather than a specific model. Google will strictly control the specifications and services offered, so as to ensure everyone’s Chromebook experience is consistent. If you are looking for bargain laptops checkout laptops under 300 $ for some Chromebook alternatives .

Google’s initial Chrome OS notebook was targeted at developers, Chrome OS was designed for users who most of the time cloud compute by using gmail for emailing, chrome for web browsing and Google docs for documentation.

As for the standard PC or Mac notebook, it is more flexible than the Chromebook notebook. In short, Chrome OS will do everything through the web browser, which means all applications, services and content is performed via a cloud system. “Cloud” services reside on remote servers rather than running on a notebook, the graphical interface is seen, but all the heavy workload processing is done far away and from the data center. That means the Google Chromebook itself does not need as much power as a standard notebook, since it’s the cloud doing all the hard work. This allows manufacturers to use slower, more frugal processors, which in turn adds up to longer battery life of between 6 and 8.5 hours, depending on which model one buys. The downside of the chromebook is that, one has to be connected to the Internet in order to work via cloud computing.

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